“GOALS” About me and why I’m making an rpg

I’m Tyler Tinsley a professional of game and paper craft design, you can find out more about that at www.papercrafted.com and www.tylertinsley.com

Why am I making an rpg?

Ages ago I shifted my focus from illustration to game design. In game design I found something very satisfying. At this time I was not interested in rpgs. I strove to understand what made something a game, how components, rules and players interacted. Small abstract experiments led to larger games and eventually I was creating full on miniatures systems. I built a portfolio of games to show to publishers and even self published a few games. I noticed I had a knack for creating components that expressed the rules of the game. A few years ago I began studying rpg’s to see if I could create an rpg that used components well. Seed rpg is the result of this study.


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