What’s the plan?

Start this blog to talk about what I’m doing with 0 hunters & seed RPG.

I am going to Pax to playtest the game and hand out this postcard to promote Seedrpg.com.

Near the end of September I will start a pre-order on kickstarter.com that will last for two months.

By the end of these two months I will have produced over 40 pieces of artwork and be near to completing the game.

If the kick starter works I will make a production run of the game, if the kick starter fails I will use print on demand services to build up interest until I feel a production run is worth the risk.

Regardless by April of next year I will have finished copies of 0 hunters ready for sale at Sakura Con and will make it to as many anime and game conventions as I possibly can.

That’s the plan


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