Changing the role of this blog.

I have mostly been posting theory articles here. While writing these has been very beneficial to my working process. Now that I have a clear idea of how to express my game in writing, it’s time to stop talking and start doing. I may still write a little theory if it’s necessary but expect me to start posting more work in progress shots, and if I get really ahead of schedule I may do an article covering the total development cycle of seed RPG (bits and pieces of the game have been worked on for a few years). Anyway enjoy this image of what is probably the new challenge action layout, it wont make any sense yet but I would feel bad if I did two posts in a row without image.

Note: The blog is now titled “fruit” I feel it’s a more accurate name for the goals of this blog, that goal being the true and best form of advertising. Something that tastes good, is nutritious and still spreads the brand. I think I will call this “fruit marketing” to impress people who have more money then I do.

Second Note: If you like amine culture and such you will be interested in a few other indie publishers and I are making a brand so we can better reach people of like mind. People who understand amine is not a genera, it’s the product of a whole nation of individuals that take graphic storytelling seriously.


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