card layout

Here are some card layouts from the playtest kit. These are the front of the cards, the large white space will eventually be filled with artwork. Card fronts are designed to help player’s make choices, bold flavor text and art work give players enough information to make a choice without any knowledge of how the game works. These choices are not strategic in nature but more about creativity or narrative preference. Players can emotionally invest in their character before they have to learn rules.

The color coded boarders help players organize card collections. The borders will bleed to the edge of the card meaning you could look at the edge of a deck of cards and identify each card’s type. This is helpful as the game will launch with around 10 types of cards. I expect the game will have around 30-40 unique card types in a few years.

While most card types have a unique layout for the front, the card backs are more similar. If the card looks incredibly dense with information that’s because it is. Once you know the rules it’s easy to understand and use. All that info means 6 pokersize cards are all high level characters need, this includes all the rules a player would need to play the game. This minimizes table clutter and maximizes the value of your purchase.


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