Status report!

At pax this last year I told people to check my site in a month for a playtest edition, and as the months have passed I kept saying that, (I have the disclaimer for a reason). This is not because nothing is being done it’s because I keep moving my goal and setting higher standards for the playtest release. At least for the moment I have a solid goal and am working each day to reach it

I thought it would be fun to share a little of my progress in the down time.

System: Since pax the rules have received a major new addition and some fairly significant subtractions. The biggest change are how a character’s stats rise and fall over the course of a challenge. This “boost and tax“ mechanism encourages dynamic and interesting scenes from both a narrative and gameplay perspective. The shifting stats mean you rarely use the same action twice in a row. Don’t worry thought the boost and tax are easy to keep track of thanks to tokens and smart use of symbols.

look at the old & new action formats

I rewrote every action and power in the game to accommodate this change!

cards: big changes were made to the cards. here just look at ’em

Just building the new deck of cards created well over 200 files. That is nearly half of the files I have made in my 2+ years of developing seed rpg!

rules presentation: I’m currently in the process expanding the rules presentation from the pax demo into a quick start for the playtest, I have a hand written “ruff” that will be getting typed out later this week.

That’s just a small sampling of what I have been doing during this endless “month” away from release! Will the play test kit be released in a month? who knows, i’m going to quote the best game developers in the world and say “it’s done when it’s done”.

PS. I have brought many projects to completion over the years. I’m not a perfectionist who never finishes anything, I’m simply giving this turkey enough time in the oven.


2 responses to “Status report!

  1. I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some kind of card-based story game (a bit like Misery Bubblegum) myself – and what I wonder is … how? I could make a prototype deck easily enough, but if I actually wanted to manufacture and sell it, how do you do that?
    What are your plans once you get to that stage?

  2. I actually got a production quote months ago. Card games still require huge print runs to be economical (The place i got a quote from had a 5000 minimum) while many offset Book printers will accept 1000 these days, that low of a run is still rare in board game manufacturing.

    More and more places are offering POD decks of cards, guild of blades and Superior POD both offer great custom card decks. the cost of these is about about equal to printing a POD book however it is about 3-4 times what it would cost if you do a large production run, you would have to rely on direct sales for POD because your margin will be a little slim.

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