State of the project

I figure if your nice enough to be paying me attention you deserve a little more information. 0 Hunters and Seed RPG are fantastic projects that are very close to my hart. I have worked on them as full time projects for quite a while and I am very happy with where they are today. The problem is I need to start earning money again and luckily enough I had some progress in that area last month with my successful kickstarter project, I still have much to do on re-launching but I am loving the work.

For the last month 0 Hunters has not been my full time project, and I doubt it will earn the whole of my attention for a few more months yet. But this is fine, everything I am doing now will help me tackle the shear beast that Seed RPG will hopefully become. I have learned so much about kickstarter and I am learning even more about how to manage the business end of creative projects.

Thank you for caring about this project and for your patience

Tyler Tinsley

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