RULE 0… Hunters (only read if you are an extremely experienced RPG player)

Many RPG’s have what is called “Rule 0” a rule that states whatever the rules of the game are the game master has the right to ignore them if doing so makes the game better for everyone at the table. In the context of those games this is a workable rule because those games often require it. This is not quite the case with Seed RPG, it’s designed work! (but if you do like breaking rules the game also supports it) so with out further ado I present Rule 0… Hunters

“These rules and components are a Game. They are a super explicit set of procedures and principles that will help you create the story of a bounty hunting crew. Some players will take on the role of the bounty hunters called player characters (PC) one player called the Game Master (GM) will take the role of the bounty head and everything else that opposes the PC. BOTH PC and the GM are subject to the rules. In exchange for subjection there is no need to do any special prep before playing, make difficult judgment calls or lack for inspiration.

We start the game knowing your story has a beginning, a middle and an end but that is all. What happens along the way is the fun part. This is a roller coaster, not a railroad.


Hi everyone! I wrote that up there and thought I would share it. I don’t know if it will lead to something in the rule book or not but eh, it was fun to write. This was inspired by a great panel about Apocalypse world at Pax Dev.

So an update on this project. I have been having great success the past year with paper toys but the need to finish seed rpg has started to bubble back into my consciousness. Not much work has been done since pax last year aside from cleaning up a bit of book keeping. but this year I wowed a publisher with the game (and i was incredibly unprepared to pitch it), so maybe down the road we will see it applied to a license or something? that would be fun.

I still hesitate to answer the call of self publishing but I will get over that soon enough 🙂 I am sure this game will get made eventually but it will likely not be my next kickstarter project.

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