An embarrassing story

It is my understanding that rpg’s are born from only the worst personal tragedy. This is the story of Seed RPG’s birth as an aborted Star wars rpg proposal. It even includes some baby pictures!


Years ago I spoke with an editor at Wizards of the Coast and asked if I could pitch supplement products for their rpgs and the editor said yes. This was in the early SW Saga edition era. A month passed and i created a document that re envisioned how RPGs are formatted and sold. It never reached wizards because the editor had not known their policy was to not look at outside pitches when he said it was ok to pitch to him. 

Hurt by that experience but not broken. I salvaged what I could from that pitch and took it to other RPG publishers with strong systems that I could adapt to my product format. I wanted to adapt savage worlds, cortex, and other games to a component presentation. a few publishers looked, offered advice, some did not respond at all. this is fairly normal when pitching games. But ultimately it was not a good project for someone outside a publisher to bring to an established company, this was the sort of plan that a company is built on. This was before kickstarter so I planed a new game, one simple enough to self publish. It eventually became Seed RPG and 0 hunters. 

I have shared bits and pieces of that pitch, most notable was the character sheet and character summary card i have yet to share the whole thing. It was gloriously naive of me to have made it and I still feel embarrassed about the whole thing it to this day, but what could i do, dreaming is not a choice. 


So here it is, “The Effusion Initiative” 


The ideas there are solid, but thats not the sort of thing you can bring to a publisher, thats what you use to build a publishing house.  

I am accepting applications for business people. 


P.S. I have started working on the project again in ernest. I’m cleaning up a few mechanics. Making a new spread sheet and working on a rules presentation. The call for a business person to help me manage this is a real one. be that someone who wants to start a new company or even a publisher who wants to help this game get off it’s feat. 

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