Starting with purpose

In 2009 I went to NY Toy Fair. While I came very close, that trip did not result in getting a game published. 

What it did was give me a huge case of writer’s block. I stopped designing games, shelved most of my current projects and struggled. I held my projects to a newer standard but i did not quite understand what it was exactly.

A clever theme or mechanic was not enough for me to invest in. I wanted to do something else. It was an existential quandary. Why should my games exist. I wanted my games to have a purpose. To be inventions, rather than new designs.

The best inventions solve problems people don’t see.

This standard killed many of my projects. hardest hit were my board game designs. Board games are pretty good these days and there are few easy to solve problems with the form.

 Miniatures though, RPGs? These forms have so many things to solve. I dug back into development of my RPG and miniatures game. Here I could make a game starting with purpose, here was fertile ground for invention.



Hi everyone! thanks for keeping up with this blog. Things are starting to get exciting behind the scenes for Seed RPG. If you follow my twitter you can dig through the photos and see some card revisions. I have been working on the game again and am very excited! 

One response to “Starting with purpose

  1. Just wanted to say that I’ve come to the same conclusion. That the game should have a purpose. What should the game be about, but mostly why should I play the game? The how part (how to play) isn’t as important but it’s what normally gets the most attention by consumers and designers.

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