fudge dice that are not


I bought some “Fate Dice” (the the sexier younger version of Fuge Dice), I’m going to use them for Seed RPG. If you have been paying attention to the lesser details you know this is not really a change in rules but a change in presentation. detailed explanation of dice mechanic is here.




I’m still going to print the rules with diagrams that work with pip d6 but there is something primal with fudge dice in this context that I love and I’m willing to close whatever doors supporting them may cost.


Now that sounds a bit overdramatic for most RPG players that love weird dice but my school of thought is one I take from Jake Richmond. Dice are Dice and very few RPG’s have ever shown me a compelling reason for not using a D6 or 2D6, it is very rare that a game using step dice D4-D12 actually does this without making dice rolls harder to understand. fudge is actually a great example of this there is very little mathematical and practical reason to use the clasic 4DF instead of the 2D6.


but how would using the DF close a door. 

  •  it’s not what people expect to roll.
  • people cant steal DF from common board games they already own
  • even if it’s compatible with D6, that idea takes more time and attention for the audience to understand. The way I present the game will be what people expect the game to be.
  • a small niche hate fudge and thus hate fudge dice.


What do I get in exchange?

Some really easy to understand dice that feel custom tailored to the dice pool mechanics in my game. Fudge dice are brilliant in that they use an international mathematical symbol for positive and negative. regardless of context you can understand if each result is good or bad in an instant. In personal tests the clarity hear can save precious seconds recognizing symbols over the course of a die roll. 

Fate Dice are brilliant in that they make these mathematical symbols look fantastic. seriously look at the whole range


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