The “Pop Music” of Role Playing Games

Table top roleplaying games are like classical music before recording was invented, they require a group of well trained players and some forms even need a conductor to manage the tempo and color of a performance.

Live music is real magic, I want slight of hand.

I want to make terrible pop music that sounds great from the cheapest of headphones. I want to make bad pop music so we can build good pop music on top, leading to blues, rock and thousands of new forms.

I aspire to make what old people call noise.

While I enjoy writing that sort of fluff after slamming a bunch of caffeine I have to say it feels way more ego/manic than I feel 99% of the time. my leg is currently bouncing and I anticipate a nervous crash after I post this.

Pax and PAX dev were incredible and I finally cleaned up the fallout from those shows and cleared some work time to pump out the next revision to seed. But before I get back to the spread sheet tedium i will post a bit more about the game

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