Easy > Difficult > Hard: Why nacho combo works


Note: I have started a patreon camping for my paper toy efforts and have published a print n play board game there called nacho combo look here for details http://www.patreon.com/TTT

Few people actually go through the pain of assembling a print n play game so i’m going to try and wet your appetite for Nacho Combo.

What is it?

It’s a fast paced tile game in the style of Rummikub. A “set collection” game. Thats too textbook I would describe it as a high quality family game of the sort rarely made today. It provides a quick yet deep and satisfying play experience. Saying that makes me feel weird so let me try to explain why this game works.

The secret sauce is how the tiles are constructed and how the combo set collection mechanic functions. here is a clip from the rules to help you understand.


With these rules creating pairs is easy. It gets harder to match three and then insanely hard to finish a combo by finding the one tile in the set that will work. Here is a diagram to describe it.


This progression from easy to difficult to hard is echoed in the overarching structure of the game and in the game’s unique timing mechanics. But I will write about those things later. for now though I would just recommend playing the game. http://www.patreon.com/share?hid=190961

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